We moved pets / horses for individuals and corporate customers


  1. Working with animals is very sensitive, especially when it comes to handling "Pets" or "Wild Live”. As most experts will tell you animals can be unpredictable when they are under stress or even when they find themselves in an environment! surrounding unfamiliar to them.
  2. Safety guidelines and Live Animal Regulations (LAR) must be followed when it comes to handling animals (Pets or Wild)
  3. Experience and following lATA & LAR standards are very important, mainly for the safety of the animals. One has to give their 100% attention and work with a detailed plan.
  4. It's important to ensure all documentation both at origin and destination are in order, if the airline is transiting any hub all necessary arrangements during transit are met.
  5. It's only when you care for animals, you will ensure everything is in place with no hick-ups
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