Packing & Crating

● Packing: Fast Logistics provides you with all the Packing process including primary and/or secondary packaging, processing, testing, quality control, releasing, storing, sample retention, serialisation, and packaging for shipment.
● Crating: Fast Logistics provides you with different types of Cratings according to your need and destination as it grants that the Crating involves blocking, securing, and protecting the shipped goods from any damage during shipping so that the goods are safe. Also, we offer a wide variety of crates, such as containers meant for international shipping.

Documentation & Custom Clearance

● Solution Provider: Fast Logistics helps you to import and export across the world easily on time with its wide networks and connections to get a custom clearance anytime.
● Documentation: Fast Logistics provides you with a professional team who will be responsible for all the documentation related to each shipment, as we know the importance of these papers we help you with legal compliance, facilitating operations, managing risks, and maintaining financial control.

Solution provider

● Fast Logistics provides you with a customised solution service as it knows how every business is way different from other one even for the same industry. We work with each client with a suitable strategy that fits the business needs without seeking on-shelf solutions.


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Documentation & Custom Clearance

● Fast Logistics provides you with all types of warehouses that you need for any product which is typically equipped with storage areas, loading docks, conveyors, and other material-handling equipment with flexible, affordable, and scalable inventory storage solutions.
● Fast Logistics provides you with the perfect distribution service ensuring the customer satisfaction by making the products reach the customers safely and timely.


We know that every moment equals money in your business field, and that’s why we are dedicated and work to give you high-quality services in scheduled time.



Working with Odd-Size makes everything different, but with our professional team and equipment, consider your work done.

Solution Providing

Customised Solution is our specialises, helping each business with a perfect solution based on analysis and plan to reach out all the business goals and objectives.