Third-Party Agent: Get Your Business a Customised Solution for Logistics

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Expanding a business requires consistency of sustainable development and creativity. The Creativity part is your teamwork, but when it comes to development it’s the Third-Party Agent work. 

This blog will help you to know What is the Third-Party Agent, What the Third-Party Agent could help you with, How can you get the maximum benefits from Customised Solutions offered by Third-Party Agent, What services you can get from Third-Party Agent, and Why you should choose a Third-Party Agent over a Company.

What is the Third-Party Agent?

The third party is an individual or organisation  that is engaged in the process but is not one of the headliners which means it has a less vested interest in it.

For example, if you are a cosmetics manufacturer in China and want to expand your business and reach the Middle East but don’t have any transportation and are seeking someone to import your goods from China to Saudi Arabia, What should you do? How should it be done? What documentation do you require?

Here comes the Third-Party Agent Role, it is the one who will answer all your questions and be responsible for shipping your products from wherever you want in whatever method you ask for.  

What the Third-Party Agent Could Help You With?

Now, it is the turn to discuss what the third-party agent could help you with?

The answer of this question will be in 3 points, which are: 

  1.  Third-Party Agent Providing you with One-to-one professional service.
  2.  Third-Party Agent Providing you with Reasonable Cost.
  3.  Third-Party Agent Working on an Operational time reduction. 
  • Third-Party Agent Providing you with One-to-one professional service:

You want to know where your goods are going as an importer or exporter. To guarantee that there are no difficulties with the items during the freight process, establish a communication channel between the freight business and the freight forwarder. This is sometimes referred to as “Timely Communication.” Its goal is to decrease downtime and increase job efficiency. After the importers and exporters hand over the products, the Third-Party Agent, such as Fast Logistics Company will provide you with frequent updates on the current logistical situation. It makes everyone’s everyday procedure of things very transparent and clear, which may undoubtedly increase service quality significantly. 

  •  Third-Party Agent Providing you with Reasonable Cost: 

Excellent international Third-Party Agents often use a straightforward pricing structure and clearly display the whole cost on the international ocean quotation. This implies that importers and exporters will have a better understanding of the costs and advantages of international transportation. This has the advantage of avoiding avoidable losses and lowering risks. Of course, if you get marine insurance, you may use this approach to determine how much coverage you need. This helps to avoid disagreements throughout the insurance procedure.  Fast Logistics Company is a low-cost Third-Party Agent for air, sea, and land frights that offers you the most cost-effective services.

  •  Third-Party Agent Working on an Operational time reduction: 

 There are customs clearance processes that must be performed before the products are on board, and outstanding international Third-Party Agents like Fast Logistics Company are likewise well-versed in the customs clearance process. As a result, all clearances may be performed promptly and properly as long as the materials are complete. It not only reduces the overall transit time of the products, but it also increases job efficiency. As a result, by selecting a reputable international shipping business, you may save delivery time and costs.

How can you get the maximum benefits from Customised Solutions offered by Third-Party Agent?

By choosing a Third-Party Agent that provides Customised Solutions, you grant yourself a “personal tailor,” you can ask for a small space in a warehouse for your 2000 pieces of hand cream or ask for warehousing for an amount of hand cream that could serve Asian people for one month. 

So, the perfect Third-Party Agent is the one who could grant you the services that your business needs. If you are a small business and need half a container to be shipped from Saudi Port to the US port, or prefer it to be delivered to the airport, or you are a manufacturer, importer, or exporter who wants three containers to ship the products and each one of them is via different channels in three times and locations.

Fast Logistics Company is a Third-Party Agent that provides customised logistics solutions for your business in several industries such as: (Medical, Construction, Agriculture, Gas, and Petroleum). It allows you to ship all products through air, sea, or land at any time around the world. 

What services can you get from a Third-Party Agent? 

As we have discussed in the past parts, what is the third-party agent and its role in this part, we will dig deeper into what kind of services the Third-Party Agent Has, such as Fas Logistics Company, and these services include: 

  • The Third-Party Agent Air, Sea, and Land Freight 
  • The Third-Party Agent Custom Clearance 
  • The Third-Party Agent Transportation
  • The Third-Party Agent Packing & Crating
  • The Third-Party Agent Warehousing
  • The Third-Party Agent Customised Solutions 

Okay, it’s time to give yourself a 2 minute break and let’s start to know each service in detail. 

  • The Third-Party Agent Air, Sea, and Land Freight 

Working with a Third-Party Agent such as Fast Logistics Company helps you with your freights, providing you with different channels, which are: 

  • Air Freight: 

 When speedy delivery and precise arrival times are required, Air freights remain to be the preferred mode of transportation.

Third-party Agents should ensure high-quality services by keeping relationships with all major international airlines serving various locations around the world while developing a tailored service plan for each customer and implementing the necessary operational handling procedures.

Customers can always expect real-time status updates on all import and export air freight cargo, thanks to highly trained specialists who monitor each flight.

Fast Logistics Company with a network that covers all the international commercial airports grants you Tailor made services /solutions as per our customers’ requirements/needs. Also, acts as an Extension of your company- a reliable source of expertise providing logistics solutions and value- added services.

  • Sea Freight: 

Ocean freight is an essential component of the global supply chain. The Third-Party Agent should offer access to carriers that provide unrivalled worldwide maritime freight standards. Our market-leading partners can deliver bespoke logistic schedules to locations globally. Also, a knowledgeable staff is fully responsible for the complete arrangement of your shipments.

Fas Logistics Company provides a variety of maritime services as a standard ocean freight forwarder and NVOCC, including Full-Container Load (FCL) shipments, Less-Than-Container Load (LCL), Break-bulk, and Project cargo Forwarding.

It is also recognized as a reliable member of the freight forwarding sector due to its membership in FIATA and IFLN, with flexibility and breadth of Ocean Freight Services, and global logistics services encompass not just shipments from port to port, but also the whole door-to-door supply chain solution, providing our customers with cost effective alternatives to other more expensive means of transportation.

  • Land Freight:

Despite the fact that overland forwarding is becoming more difficult to manage service reliability while maintaining cost rates, a third-party agent should be the partner you can rely on to deliver reliable services at competitive rates, allowing you to continue to drive value from more efficient logistics operations.

Fast Logistics Company offers you competitive pricing along with dependable, fast, and world-class Land Freight services via multipurpose equipment such as box trailers, low beds, and flat beds. We are well connected by road to the Middle East and Gulf region countries, and we provide flexible regional transport services with expert skills in border crossing procedures, guaranteeing you an outstanding service standard, prompt, accurate delivery, and adherence to delivery goals and control schedules.

  • The Third-Party Agent Custom Clearance

Custom Clearance could be one of the most essential services that any Logistics Agent could provide for you as an importer, exporter, manufacturer, or business owner whose work depends on product shipping.

Fast Logistics Company’s Clearance staff is committed and well-trained to comprehend the intricate procedures of each category of business.

Its strategy involves acquiring paperwork and ensuring that the necessary documentation is fully prepared in advance of freight arrival or import and export deadlines to assist in expediting Customs clearance and avoiding time-consuming delays. It also specialised in offering distinctive, quick, and cost-effective customs clearance services, particularly for Ministry Approval shipments such as Health, Municipality, Environmental, Commercial, and so on.

  • The Third-Party Agent Transportation

Another one is the “Transportation Services”, as the Third-Party Agent provides a range of transportation services to transport goods and products.

Fast Logistics Company with its cooperation contracts with various types of trucks and containers to transport several products starting from project cargo to international and domestic distribution and delivery. It allows you to transport several things including building materials, medical equipment, and large products. It also transports animals.

  • The Third-Party Agent Packing & Crating

Being a manufacturer doesn’t mean that you should have your packaging and creating. That’s when it comes to the Third-Party Agent role with your business, as it grants what your business needs, ensuring quality and product safety. 

Fast Logistics Company, as a Third-Party Agent, provides Packaging and Crating Services for any product type with a professional team to help you keep your product in good condition until it is delivered to your customers. 

  • The Third-Party Agent Warehousing

As we’ve mentioned before, the Third-Party Agent’s role is to help you with all the logistics parts that you can’t do. One of these things is having a warehouse for your products. So, the “Warehousing Service” ensures the storage process for any product is in good condition, keeping the product safe and healthy. 

Fast Logistics Company, as your Third-Party Agent, is keen on providing you as a business owner with any warehouse for any product. 

  • The Third-Party Agent Customised Solutions

Customised Solutions for any business are one of the main elements that help with the growth rate. Third-Party Agents should provide Customised Solution that helps in achieving the business goals. 

Fast Logistics Company provides Customised Solution Services, ensuring you the quality and professionalism that your business needs. 

Why should you choose a Third-Party Agent over a Company? 

One of the reasons you pick the Third-Party Agent over the Logistics Company is the contracting flexibility, as the Third-Party Agent is a key that connects you with different service providers, allowing you to obtain the most benefit for the least amount of money. There are many elements that will help you to choose better. You can find it here on our blog “Agent/ Company: Why should you choose a Third-Party Agent over a Company?”.

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